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Common problems with a Audi A3 revealed

The Audi A3 has valid to be a outrageous success for a manufacturer – a latest Sportback indication won a 2013 Car of a Year Award.

On a used market, you’ll find twin previous-generation models. The initial was introduced in 1996, with a second from 2003. The progressing automobile came with a choice of 1.6- or 1.8-litre engines, or a 1.9-litre diesel. It came as possibly a three- or five-door hatchback, with an involuntary gearbox accessible opposite a range.

From 2003, a A3 got bigger and classier. The engine operation was revised to embody 1.2-, 1.4-, 1.6, 2.0- and 3.2-litre petrols and 1.6- or 2.0-litre diesel units.

The five-door chronicle became famous as a Sportback and offering a somewhat longer body, some-more back legroom and increasing foot space. Once again, an automobile ‘box was accessible with all engines.

Despite a up-market plastics and clever engines, there are things to demeanour out for when shopping on a used market.

These are a categorical problems to watch out for when shopping a used Audi A3.

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Audi A3 chair belt problem (’96-’03 cars)
Some A3s built between Feb and Mar 1997 had issues with their seatbelts. The front seatbelt tallness adjuster competence not have been made to a scold selection and could rivet a belt wearer in an accident.

Audi A3 accelerator problem (’96-’03 cars)
A series of cars built between Dec 1997 and Jun 1998 had problems with their accelerators. It is probable that partial of a stifle actuator resource can massage opposite a carp insulation and turn jammed.

Audi A3 seatbelt tensioner problem (’96-’03 cars)
Some cars built between Jan and Dec 1998 gifted issues with their seatbelt tensioners. In a eventuality of an accident, prohibited particles from a triggering of a tensioners could light their covers.

Audi A3 spindle problem (’96-’03 cars)
It’s probable that cars built between Feb 1997 and Feb 2000 could have spindle problems. There’s a risk of dampness entering a back spindle round joints causing gnawing and probable seizure.

Audi A3 ABS problem (’96-’03 cars)
The ABS control section on some cars built between Mar and Sep 2001 has been famous to be faulty. There is a risk that an electrical problem can means overheating of associated electrical components. This could lead to glow or a disaster of ABS function.

Audi A3 airbag problem (’96-’03 cars)
A tiny series of first-generation A3s with three-spoke sports steering wheels competence have issues with their driver’s airbag. It’s probable that this problem competence means a airbag to destroy in a eventuality of a collision

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Audi A3 stop opening siren problem (’96-’03 cars)
Some A3s built between Aug 1996 and Jun 1999 gifted stop problems. Cracks competence start on a opening siren to a stop servo nearby a connections. If a opening siren leaks, a motorist will need to request a lot some-more force than common to work a stop pedal.

Audi A3 fuel siphon problem (’03-’12 diesel cars)
A series of second-generation cars built between Mar and Aug 2004 have fuel siphon problems. Cars propitious with three- or four-cylinder diesel engines competence have inadequate bolts on a tandem fuel siphon cover. A diesel trickle could start if a bolts break.

Audi A3 flywheel problem (’03-’12 cars)
Some A3s built between Dec 2003 and Jun 2005 had purchase problems. The twin mass flywheel can turn shop-worn since of a non-optimally deigned through-flow restrictor in a purchase vigour pipe. This can lead to a purchase disaster or even a fire.

Audi A3 screen airbag problem (’03-’12 cars)
The screen airbags on some cars built between Jun and Jul 2005 could be faulty. The gas compulsory to increase a airbag could shun due to poor welding seams on a gas generator. This could lead to a airbag not inflating in a collision.

Audi A3 purchase problem (’03-’12 6-speed primer cars)
Some A3s built between Sep 2008 and Aug 2009 had purchase problems. It’s probable that an improper interpretation of a purchase heat could occur, that competence outcome in a purchase handling suddenly and causing a detriment of drive.

Audi A3 fuel trickle problem (’03-’12 diesel cars)
Some 2.0-litre common rail diesel cars are during risk of a fuel leak. Faulty materials used in a prolongation of a fuel pipes are to blame.

Audi A3 windscreen wiper problem (’03-’12 cars)
A series of owners have reported issues with a windscreen wipers on second-generation Audi A3s. The motors can destroy unexpectedly.

These issues should have been bound by Audi, so make certain a work has been finished before we buy.

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Read a full Audi A3 (’03-) used examination

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By Rory White

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